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Research, Analysis, Prospective Projects, Brand Strategy, Color & Trends 



Research & Innovation 


While working at Decathlon's Innovation Hub, Artengo and InProcess, I worked on innovation projects with topics varying from attitudes towards sports in India, restructuring a brand’s offer around user motivations, experimenting with materials to enhance shock absorption in tennis rackets to helping women in America manage daily stress to hair and eye beauty perceptions in China, Japan and the US.

While most of the projects remain confidential. Below are a few excerpts of projects and methods I've worked with:

Eye Beauty Perceptions

Understanding women's varying beauty perceptions of their eyes in two very distinctively different cultural and regional settings - Japan and USA. The project involved conducting research with makeup artists and extreme users as well as animating workshops with consumers in both countries with the goal of understanding what women of varying age groups look for in terms of the ideal experience of beauty regimes in varying social settings.

Research pages1-02.png

Project conducted with InProcess for L'Oréal. Details remain confidential.

Comfort on Impact: Racket Innovation

At Decathlon's Artengo, one of the prospective innovation projects I worked on was a minimal impact racket to reduce the effects of tennis elbow on players. This project involved extensive research into materials and processes that could maximize shock absorption. The project went through 2 years of testing various solutions, materials and prototypes and is today available in stores as Artengo's SoftFeel Racket.

Concept10 copy.jpg

Teammates: Engineer: Antoine Chastan, Product Designer: Philippe Barsol

User Motivations to Artengo's New Brand Offer and Strategy 

Using Decathlon's IMAGINEW methodology, we worked collectively with every department on structuring Artengo's offer around human centered design principles. This involved multiple days of workshops, sharing and learnings around user studies, trends research and prospective strategy development, which led us to re-create the Artengo's offer around users' key motivations for playing racquet sports.

Pic Imaginew-01_edited.jpg

Team: Artengo's Innovation Manager: Vincent Duminil, Service Designer: Francois Leleux

Colors and Trends

I had the pleasure of working with Decathlon's Color and Trends team on the identification and analysis of future colors and finishes for their international sports market.

ws colour 013.jpg

Have a look at the process we used in project to create a range that would represent India's color identity.

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