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Research Project | On India's cultures, sports, innovations & design



IN.DE_ Research Project for French sporting goods retailer Oxylane (Decathlon).

India's cultures, sports, innovations & design were the main subjects of interest.








Pune & Mumbai

As a team, we conducted extensive field research, product tests, interviews, market studies, user profiling, design explorations & creativity sessions. Here you can find excerpts of the color research.

The details of the project remain confidential.



Natural Extraction

 Experimentation with foods, plants & pigments to extract a natural range.​ Color Research

Monochrome Boards

Compositions of daily objects, identifying textures and tones

Aroma Box

Stimulating the senses! Capturing the country's fragrances with a collection of spices, oils, soaps & even hair.



Lille, FR

The research was eventually analysed & structured into a set of books, designed as tool kits to provide an introduction to the country. To assist the analysis, we carried out a number of creative workshops with various teams of the Oxylane brands.

The details of this project remain confidential. Book

 The introduction to the project, what happened backstage & how to use the toolkit


Culture Book

Explains in details India's various faces & cultures also, it's views on sports & designs


Network Book 

Summarizes every interview that was conducted with the Design & Sports network in India


Innovation Book 

Explains in what Innovation means in India & has various projects & views on the same


Creativity Book

 It shares all the various creativity sessions carried out in India, from color explorations to product concepts & various specific research subjects that brands had asked for


Aroma Box

This mini book was designed with the sole purpose of explaining the odd contents of the aroma box


May - July 2010, Pune & Mumbai, India
Team: Aakash Dewan, Achile Biteau, Arushi Aggarwal, Prianjali Kapur, Rachana Kakade, 

Coordinator : Elisa Padrón Olivé





 March - September 2011, Lille, France
Team: Elisa Padrón Olivé & Prianjali Kapur, Directors: Arnault Gournac  & Vincent Leenhardt

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