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Hello/ Salut/ Ciao!

I'm Prianjali, [aka Pri or Spree] Strategy & Experience Designer, based in Torino, Italy.

In my 10+ years of design experience, I've had the pleasure of working with research, strategic design and innovation teams at companies like Decathlon in Lille, with French innovation consultancy InProcess in Shanghai for MNCs like L'Oréal and Johnson & Johnson and currently work at Pininfarina in Turin.

I thrive on projects with a purpose and working with diverse collaborative teams. I believe in bringing an iterative and people-focused approach to my work and in having fun along the way! 


Some of the most stimulating projects I've worked on have been: restructuring a sports brand’s strategy and offer through a user-centred approach, ground research in India on attitudes towards sports and as a new market for Decathlon, working on the industrial design of a range of products from conception to manufacturing with a circular economy in mind, developing wellness products and services to help women manage stress, creating a healthcare ecosystem with a startup to help empower senior citizens and designing the user experience of a sustainable energy-powered yacht - to name a few.

Get in touch if you'd like to know more or fancy working together!

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