Research, Analysis, Prospective Projects, Brand Strategy, Color & Trends 



Research, Strategy & Innovation 


At Decathlon Advanced Design, Artengo Innovation and strategy agency InProcess, I've had the pleasure of working with diverse teams and a multitude of different perspectives and approaches from human-centred design and design thinking, ethnography and quantitative research, to user motivation analysis, identifying actionable insights and user journeys to opportunity mapping, prototyping, user testing, experience labs and focus groups. I worked on a variety of innovation and strategy projects with subjects ranging from researching attitudes towards sports in India, restructuring a brand’s offer around user motivations to analyzing beauty perceptions in China and Japan, daily stress in the USA and more.

While most projects remain confidential, below are a few excerpts of methods & projects I've worked with:


User Interviews | Ethnography | Trends Studies | Futures Analysis

From micro research around user behaviours, usage and daily journeys to bigger picture research of societal trends and futures thinking.


Insights | User Journeys | Motivations Analysis | Stakeholder Maps | Scenarios

Breaking down the research data into digestible, usable elements that aid in concisely communicating what is learnt. 


Focus Groups | Prototype Testing | Feedback Analysis

Testing informed concepts and prototypes with small groups of users and translating the feedback into actionable steps for iteration.